Canadian Condominium Insitute
A Proud Member of the Canadian Condominium Institute

Able to tailor services and scheduling to the needs of your condominium, we provide all the custodial duties you require. Our added value is that we also have our renovation and repair crews available for those bigger repair jobs too. We become your trusted eyes on site and an integral communication link between the Board and Property Management. 

Our services for you may include: 

Superintendent & Cleaning Services

  • Post and remove notices within 24 hours of request by Property Manager and remove when notice is no longer valid or upon completion of the event.
  • Deliver notices, including newsletter, keys, parking passes, move-in packages, for which in some cases the superintendent is to obtain signatures.
  • Inform the Property Manager of balcony and or door violations.
  • Liaise between the property manager and members of the various trades who, in order to complete a job, may need direction or entry into the building.
  • Monitor and maintain bulletin boards with assistance and guidance from the PM.
  • Know fire plan for buildings and conduct checks as per the fire safety plan
  • Assist with annual Fire inspections
  • Monitor lighting and replace any bulbs that can be reached from a 6 foot ladder or the ground 
  • Minor routine repairs and maintenance, interior and exterior 
  • Monitor Landscaping/Snow Removal and report any issues to the Property Manager
  • Install the elevator mats and blankets for move-in and move-out as required during regular scheduled work hours. 
  • Walk property on a regular basis to ensure it is in satisfactory condition and report any findings to the PM.
  • Check locker rooms regularly/ parking garage and report any non-prohibited items to the Property Manager
  • Vacuum carpeted hallways, entrance/lobby mats
  • Sweep/mop hard flooring
  • Monitor and keep stairwells, elevators and common rooms clean
  • Monitor and clean garbage/recycling and laundry rooms

Building/Property Repairs

  • Checking & changing interior/exterior lighting (including seasonal timers)
  • Replacing ceiling tiles
  • Changing locks
  • Repairing wear and tear on walls, floors and doors
  • Installation & repair of bollards and safety barriers
  • Signage Installation, repairs & removal
  • Painting (Interior & exterior)
  • Stucco, siding and other exterior repairs
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Washing of loading dock areas
  • Washing of sidewalks and parking lots to remove gum, food & stains
  • Installation of skateboard/loitering deterrent devices


Creating up to date building exterior & common spaces demonstrates that you as an Owner or Manager value your investment in your property. We work with Condominium Boards and Property Managers to ensure your capital budget is used most wisely to maintain and enhance your investment. Some of our projects include the refurbishment common areas and stairwells, building facades, lighting enhancements, gardens and grounds.