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The aim of Building 4 Kids is to empower and enliven vulnerable children in our community through our network of local tradespeople. Together we will enable children to enjoy safe spaces and child-like moments regardless of their circumstances. 

A Note from our Founder ~ George Harrietha

“Many years ago I had a question: how can I, with my skills as a handyman, improve someone’s world? Not knowing the worlds I was thinking of were that of children. 

You see, I had a fantastic childhood: great & loving parents, surrounded by lots of best buds, and we had FUN. We built forts, went on adventures in the woods, put a zillion miles on our bikes, played tag and hide & seek, hot wheels and street hockey. Life was wonderful. 

What has happened that many children cannot enjoy these things, that they are required to grow up too soon? Our children face so many challenges that I feel they are not allowed to be kids anymore. They need our support, our love and many just need to know we stand for them. 

Building 4 Kids exists to put a smile on a child’s face, to show a child that we care and are here for them when they need it most!”

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We Stand For The Children

Building 4 Kids, through our community of tradesmen, businesses and generous donors, stands for children. We stand for children with special needs, children with self esteem issues, children from broken families, Foster children, children of new immigrants, and children that try really hard to have a better life despite their circumstances. Building 4 Kids will complete minor repairs in their living spaces, build fun areas like a sand box or a swing set, will address & repair home safety issues and will assist to resolve mobility issues a child may have through our construction skills.

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