Community Spotlight – Building 4 Kids

“Building 4 Kids exists to put a smile on a child’s face, to show a child that we care and are here for them!” George Harrietha

Building 4 Kids is the heart-project of Darmax Inc. that started in 2016. The aim of Building 4 Kids is to empower and enliven vulnerable children in our community through our network of local tradespeople. Together we will enable children to enjoy safe spaces and child-like moments regardless of their circumstances. Our target is to complete minor repairs in their living spaces, build fun areas like a sand box or a swing set, will address & repair home safety issues and will assist to resolve mobility issues a child may have using our construction skills.

It’s been an interesting exercise to get this project off the ground; for example, we’ve had to explore both legal and safety implications of working with (for) children. In fact, the due diligence briefly held us back from actually getting to work!

Rather than letting red tape hold up our desire to contribute, we’ve decided to “do what we can from where we are.” We’ve teamed up with a couple agencies that assist and support children and families and we are thrilled with this possibility! We knew there was a need for our services in this capacity; we did not know how extensive this need is. There is much work to be done for the children of our community and those who care for them.

Building 4 Kids ThanksOur first project was to build a large art table and easels for “Better Beginnings, Better Futures” at the Shelldale Community Centre. It’s funny how, when you think you’re doing something good for someone else, you end up receiving from the experience too. It was rewarding to see the joy (and relief) from staff and children alike when we delivered the items.

Often, in our grown-up efforts to provide for our children (as individuals or as a community) we forget what children really require: a safe space and place to just be children.  The art table and easels are the beginning of our journey with Building for Kids!

We are thrilled with the response and willingness to contribute we have received from our community of Trades and we look forward to many more projects for Building for Kids.

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