Types of mould, courtesy https://cupe.ca/canary-cupes-health-and-safety-newsletter

Mould: Where It Grows, Why It Grows, and How to Stop It

There are millions, if not billions of types of mould. Some types are human friendly (think edible mushrooms & blue cheese), others can cause serious medical issues. Today, we’re talking about the serious medical issue causing mould: where it grows, why it grows and how to stop it. Mould is a microorganism of the fungi …

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Small Commercial Plaza

Inspections: 3 Reasons Why Regular is Better

You know all about getting inspections before you purchase your home or commercial building; it gives you a level of certainty about a potential investment. But what happens after the purchase? Often, aside from obvious repairs, you proceed with your biggest concern being a constant flow of rent from your tenants until something happens. Often …

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Incorrect application of wall penetration for fire stop

Fire Stop Done Wrong

Recently we received a call from a building owner who was having trouble getting his vacant unit to pass a City Inspector’s Inspection for fire separation. The owner had already had two contractors in working on this job and it was still failing the inspection. Needless to say he was a little frustrated and unsure …

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Asbestos: Ignorance is Not Bliss

If you are the owner of a commercial building constructed or renovated up to the early 1990’s, chances are good that some of your building materials contained some form of asbestos. The most common materials that could contain asbestos are: ceiling tiles, vinyl flooring, mechanical insulation, and fire proofing compounds.

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