gloss paint finish

There’s More to Paint Than Colour

Usually when you think of paint, it’s all about the colour. Have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re choosing the right type of paint for your store or office interior? Many people default to “eggshell finish please” and don’t give it another thought. Here’s a story about what using the wrong paint finish can …

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Types of mould, courtesy

Mould: Where It Grows, Why It Grows, and How to Stop It

There are millions, if not billions of types of mould. Some types are human friendly (think edible mushrooms & blue cheese), others can cause serious medical issues. Today, we’re talking about the serious medical issue causing mould: where it grows, why it grows and how to stop it. Mould is a microorganism of the fungi …

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Small Commercial Plaza

Inspections: 3 Reasons Why Regular is Better

You know all about getting inspections before you purchase your home or commercial building; it gives you a level of certainty about a potential investment. But what happens after the purchase? Often, aside from obvious repairs, you proceed with your biggest concern being a constant flow of rent from your tenants until something happens. Often …

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